My kids and I have been feeling a little under the weather with some summer colds, so we decided to go for a leisurely drive out to a local state park to “explore” some campgrounds from the comfort of our van.

I didn’t really intend to even get out of the car, but, being 26 weeks pregnant, a potty break became a necessity.

I parked the car near the beach and playground area and headed toward the bathroom with my troop of 3 kids 5 and under.

When we got to the bathroom, I noticed a young high school aged guy lingering around the restrooms. We went into the bathroom and the normal bathroom mayhem of juggling littles in a public restroom began.

When I exited the stall with my littlest and was helping the other two, I noticed the young man peering into the women’s restroom.

We finished up, and, as we headed toward the playground, the teen followed us saying “Nice ass. Nice ass” over and over.

I’m over 30 years old, pregnant and walking with 3 little kids!

I thought I was mishearing and turned to face him, and he repeated the statement, “Nice ass.”

“That’s NOT APPROPRIATE” was my response, and he left us. I later saw him heading back towards the restroom.

To finish the story, I did speak with the park ranger about the incident, and he was concerned about the situation and was going to look into it.

How does this connect to homeschooling emerging homeschoolers?

There are predators out there people. If a young teenage guy thinks he can get away with garbage like that with a woman twice his age, how vulnerable are our little ones?

And, though you think your kids are less at risk because you’re with them most of the time, your kids still need to be educated on how to advocate for themselves at an early age.

When I got to the car, the kids and I had a frank discussion about people who say bad things or try to touch your body in places they should not – specifically a penis or a bottom – or in any way that makes you uncomfortable.

We talked about yelling NO if that were to ever happen and to run to find mommy or daddy and tell them right away.

This is not the first talk like this I’ve had with my kids who are 5 and under, but it’s the first talk where I was disturbed enough by the sheer reality of the danger for my children that it forced me to be even more blunt with my children.

It’s heartbreaking that we have to be the ones to shatter our kids’ innocence on a certain level by having these conversations, but I’d rather it be me, a loving mommy, telling them how to protect their bodies than someone breaking that innocence by molesting them.

If you haven’t talked to your kids recently about this topic, now might be a good time.

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16