Over the years, we’ve developed some simple traditions for the week leading up to Resurrection Sunday, and I thought I’d share them here.

Palm Sunday – Triumphal Entry


On Palm Sunday, we read the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. We make some palm branches out of construction paper.


We take coats from the closet and toss them on the floor. Daddy gets to play the role of the donkey, and the kids get to “ride into Jerusalem on a donkey” like Jesus did while we wave the palm branches.

Monday – Jesus in the Temple

Monday morning we read the story of Jesus’ response to seeing the temple defiled. We talk about how Jesus wants our hearts to be clean like he wanted the temple clean and not used for evil. We take some time to clean the house up to get ready for our Easter celebration week.

Tuesday – The Trinity


On Tuesday, we talk about the Trinity and how an egg is three parts to form one egg – like God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit are three in one. We do some traditional egg decorating.

Wednesday – Feet Washing


On Wednesday, we read about how Jesus was a servant and washed the feet of his disciples. We do a family feet washing time when daddy gets home from work. The older children wash the feet of the younger siblings, and daddy washes mommy’s feet.

Thursday – Passover Meal


Before dinner on Thursday, we read about the first Passover Meal as depicted in Exodus. We talk about the symbolism of the sacrificial lamb. We share a meal that somewhat represents the Passover Meal.

Good Friday – Jesus’ Death and Burial


On Good Friday, we read the story of Jesus’ death and burial. We talk about how they wrapped Jesus’ body and placed him in a tomb. Then we use toilet paper to wrap our bodies like Jesus was wrapped.


Preparations for Sunday begin!

Resurrection Sunday – Jesus Is Alive

Easter Basket

Easter Baskets Sunday Morning:

Since Gid was little, we’ve had a tradition of filling Easter baskets with treats and some instruments for praising Jesus. We read the story of Jesus’ resurrection, and we have a time of family worship with daddy playing guitar and the kids using their new instruments.


Resurrection Easter Egg Hunt:

Instead of collecting the plastic eggs filled with candy, we’ve just switched to having the kids collect the Resurrection Eggs (see below for my own variation of Resurrection Eggs) that have small objects and verses that tell the Resurrection story. We use this as a chance to review what we’ve learned during the week.

Celebration Meal:

We finish off our week with a traditional Mid-West Easter Sunday Meal!

We’ve grown to love our Resurrection Week Traditions, and I’m looking forward to the special season ahead of remembering our Savior and the sacrifice He made for us and our little ones.



Resurrection Eggs:

  1. Leaf: When Jesus came to a place called Jerusalem, people threw branches and coats on the ground for Jesus to make a special path for Jesus to ride over and shouted “Yay, Jesus has come to save us!”
  2. Mini-broom or Table: Jesus went into the church that was God’s special house, and he found it all messy and people doing bad things in it. He was very angry that God’s house was treated this way, so he threw the tables over and said, “This is not what you should do in God’s special house!”
  3. Bread and Wine Glass: Jesus and his friends had an important meal together. During this meal, Jesus showed them bread and broke it. He said, “I will get owies for you. He took juice and gave it to his friends saying, “This is like the blood from the owies I’ll get when I die for you. Remember I will get these owies because I love you.”
  4. Cloth: Jesus got down on the ground and washed his friends’ dirty feet to show them how much he loved them and wanted to take care of them.
  5. Silver Coins: One of Jesus’ friends named Judas was paid money from mean men to show them where Jesus was.
  6. Candy Kiss: When Judas took the soldiers to get Jesus, Judas gave Jesus a kiss to show the soldiers which person was Jesus.
  7. Cross: When we disobey God, it makes God sad and we can’t be close to Him and we have to be in trouble with God. Jesus didn’t want us to be in trouble with God anymore, so he died on a cross and was in trouble for us.
  8. Toilet Paper: After Jesus died, they wrapped his body in special cloth.
  9. Rock: Then Jesus’ friends took Jesus’ body and put it in a cave with a big, heavy rock in front.
  10. Perfume: after Jesus was dead for three days, Jesus’ friends came to put perfume that smelled good on Jesus’ body.
  11. Empty Egg: When Jesus’ friends came to the cave, Jesus body was gone and the cave was empty! An angel said, “Jesus is not dead anymore! He’s alive!”
  12. Band Aid: Jesus wasn’t dead anymore! Jesus came to his disciples and showed the disciples his ouchies and that he was now alive! Jesus wasn’t in trouble with God anymore, and you don’t have to be either if you tell God you’re sorry and believe that Jesus died for you.