You’ve decided the benefits of homeschooling for you and your family outweigh the silly cultural stigmas and have decided to home school. YAY! Now what?

If you Google homeschooling, you’re going to get blasted with a million web sites, blogs, and curriculum options, and it won’t be long before you feel like you’re drowning in the sea of home school information. Researching is such a natural place to start! But soon you’ll likely find yourself sinking in info, popping up to gasp for air, sputtering and starting to research local preschool options.

Instead, what if you start your home school preparation with some things that you already know? Like these four questions:

  1. Who am I as a teacher?
  2. What are my family culture and priorities?
  3. Who am I teaching?
  4. What curriculum best matches these things and my current life scenario?

If you can answer these questions, you’ll have a much better handle on how to go about researching the answer to your question “How do I start preschooling at home?”

Who Am I as a Teacher?

teacher image

If you don’t start with yourself, homeschooling will be difficult. You’ll find yourself trying to fit into a prescribed mold that might not be you at all. You might metaphorically knot your hair behind your head into a tight bun, whip out a pointing stick and march to a chalkboard ready to take on the role of teacher in your home. But my guess is, that’s not you.

A home school mom has privileges! She gets to mold and shape a career for herself. She gets to create a lifestyle for her family. She gets to instill her own passions into the little people God has given her while encouraging their own interests.

Stop, and make a list as you answer these following questions to pinpoint who you are as a teacher. Seriously. In our culture we can move through a lot of life, do a lot of life and not take time to think about who we are and why we’re doing it. Don’t miss out on that now; you’re creating a job description. It stinks to end up in a job that’s not a fit.

  • Who are you? Starting with your name shouldn’t be too intimidating, right?
  • How has God gifted you? (List skills, educational background, work background and spiritual gifting)
  • What are you passionate about? (List beliefs, causes, and organizations)
  • What do you delve into doing and could do it for hours without feeling like you’re working? (List your hobbies, activities, sports, events etc.)
  • What’s your learning style? (Do you prefer to move while learning, watch something to learn, or hear something to learn?)

If you’re having a hard time, it might help to look back at photos of your pre-baby self and photo journal a little bit.

You have your own gifts, passions, interests and unique learning style. And, do you know what?


You and nobody else were chosen to raise those babies that are under your roof perhaps causing havoc at the moment. God chose you with all of those strengths, all of your background, and all of your passions to raise your children and train them up to follow Him. You are uniquely equipped for this job! And He has no cookie cutter mold that you need to wedge yourself into to make your homeschooling work. It works best when you are who He called you to be!

This might not be as fun to hear, but God also chose you to parent your children with your weaknesses and imperfections. He wasn’t oblivious about those things when He placed your child in your life. And, by His grace, He will use your weaknesses for good in this homeschooling adventure as well. Besides shaping you through your homeschool adventures, He can use a mom’s struggle with anger to show her children how she has learned to repent and ask for forgiveness. He can use a mom’s struggle with depression to show her kids how she calls out to God in dark times. He can use a mom’s lack of education to model for her children how it’s not about knowing everything but about being humble and willing to seek out answers.

You were chosen, dear mommy, to do this incredible job of training up your children. And you are absolutely uniquely and amazingly designed to teach the children He has given to you. Knowingly who you are lays the foundation for moving forward with designing a unique home school plan that is a fit for you and your family.

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