Andi Kissing Gideon BW

Breastfeeding is a fantastic and entertaining experience, here are my favorite top 10 nursing “expressions.” If you’ve nursed, you’ll probably recognize some of these!

  1. When the baby, still half-latched, pulls away to look up at you with the boob stretched taut and hanging from the corner of his mouth
  2. When the baby unlatches from the breast to gaze and coo at you…and interrupts the moment by belching loudly
  3. When the baby stares stunned by daddy’s screech as he attempted to latch onto daddy’s chest
  4. When the baby tries to smile at you with a mouth full of boob
  5. When the baby discovers you unbuttoning your bra and jumps face first for the nipple, mouth open, to piranha latch onto you
  6. When the baby’s little eyes rest closed and the soft lashes lay quietly on his sleeping face as he gently sucks
  7. When the baby pauses stunned and bewildered by the hiccups that are punctuating his meal
  8. When the baby clamps down hard on the nipple, turns red faced, grunts, and blasts out a poop that you’re sure that your pants and shirt will never recover from
  9. When the baby looks both confused and disappointed after latching onto the inside of your arm, belly, or chin
  10. When the baby unlatches to give you a satisfied smile with milk dribbling down his chin

I enjoyed nursing (after the engorgement stopped, my nipples healed and I stopped hating nursing), and I liked to capture those silly and sweet moments of nursing with my baby. But it wasn’t until I read this verse that I understood how God designed nursing to be the starting point for our children’s education and how much value this simple (or not so simple) job as a mother is. Psalm 22:9 says, “Yet You are He who brought me forth from the womb; You made me trust when upon my mother’s breasts.”

Research is slowly adding to the list of tremendous benefits to breastfeeding. As Christian moms, we can add something else – as our babies nurse and cuddle close to our bodies, their brains are developing and they are learning how to be loved and how to trust. Trusting the Lord is foundational to our walks as Christians. It is the very starting point of our faith. And David says we give that to our children will nursing them at the breast.

So if you’re in the early stages of motherhood and exhausted from one feeding after the next, tired of sore nipples and life revolving around when, where, and how to breastfeed, remember that you are starting to educate your baby right now. And next time you unsnap that nursing bra and draw your baby to your boob, know that this is a very, very valuable job that you’re doing.