You have a degree in your back pocket that marks you as different within our culture. It marks you as someone who should not only have a career but should do the “great things” the world can applaud and tell you are outstanding achievements.


Get ready to spend your remaining years in the workforce, climbing the ladder within your chosen profession!

You, my friend, have the privilege of investing your days serving our society. You get to wake up early, rush your children out the door, and pour yourself out for strangers. And you get to come home exhausted at the end of the day to share the leftovers of yourself with the people you love the most. And THAT will mark you as successful.

I don’t mean to discredit what a difficult job moms working outside the home have. However, the work that moms do within the home is so horribly undervalued that women with college degrees can feel a tremendous amount of pressure to “do something more.”

I’m mad because our culture is telling us ladies some pure lies about what is true success, what is valuable and how our education and work experience should be used.

In the past I’ve straddled the fence of the Work at Home Mom/Homeschool Mom. I wasn’t sure I could own those labels – I’m one of those “over-qualified” homeschool moms who should be doing something better with my life than wiping human feces off some small rear-end and sweeping fish crackers off the kitchen floor.

Exiting the workforce to stay home with my little one was a huge battle over self-worth because academia and supervisors told me I could and should do something “better” with my degree.

So I told people I’d teach adjunct. I told people I’d write curricula. I told people I’d take a little time to adjust to motherhood before teaching college courses again.

I tried to keep one foot in the workforce, just to save face.

But why?

Because using my degree to benefit the people I love most in the world is not enough for the world.

What if God knew that there would be 3 little people with big eyes, chubby cheeks and the most kissable faces who needed a mommy who had an advanced degree in writing…or what if God knew that the little ones under your roof and feet today needed a mommy with a degree in nursing, in law, in education, in music, in Bible, or (you fill in the blank)?

Would you go back and erase the years you spent learning about something you loved just because there would be only 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 human beings benefiting from that? Or could you instead say, “God gave me this education as a privilege, and I’m going to take this and pour it into my babies as a unique gift.”

IMG_8993 I don’t believe God makes mistakes, and I don’t believe that God wants us to toss aside this important part of what has shaped our lives – our educations – as we teach our children at home. God, for some reason, has decided that you are to be a uniquely “qualified” homeschool mom. A mom who can use her education to teach her children something that God wants them to be familiar with, whether that is art, music, or political science.

If you have a degree in sciences, delve into science with your kiddos! If you have education in art, make art a central part of your curriculum. If you have a degree in communication, plan those opportunities for your children to explore various social settings and ways to connect with people.

Your degree is not a waste because you’re narrowing the use of your degree. The world might tell you that you need to use it to benefit more people, but the reality is that your days are limited, your time is limited and sometimes you can make the biggest impact by focusing your energy on something smaller – someone smaller.


Maybe I’m a bit of a rebel at heart, but I challenge you to defy what the world says about you and your degree and say instead, “Yes, I have a college degree in ___, and I’m really excited to use that as I teach my children at home. I really can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with my kids!”