If you’re curious about the option of homeschooling and have children between the ages of 0-5, there’s no need to wait to test it out!

Start homeschooling (or what I like to call “prehomeschooling”) now.

Here’s why:

1.) Establishing your teacher identity now will help you later

Mommies meet needs. Mommies can be fun! Mommies are caring. 

Mommies can also be the ones instilling the values and teaching the knowledge that little ones need to learn and grow! 

Set the foundation for your role as teacher in your child’s life by starting early with reading together, talking about what you know, and exploring the world hand in hand!

Activities like story time, nature walks, or Pinterested learning games can help your kids understand that mommy is here to lovingly guide their learning.

2.) Develop rhythms for learning to ease the transition into homeschooling 

In the early years, you can begin simple  routines that you will later build upon, making the transition into homeschooling easier for everyone. 

Try starting with designated reading times, a time for building together or a craft time. 

5-10 minutes tops for ages 2 and under!

Consistency is more important than quantity for developing rhythms for learning.

3.) Start to unwrap your child as a learner now

You get the opportunity to jump start the process of figuring out your child’s learning style and figuring out what ways he or she learns best!

Watch your child during learning times and see what activities are the best fit. 

Ask yourself: Does your Little need to wiggle? Does she love to sing? Does he need to see it to do it?

All these things are clues into how you can design a homeschooling learning environment that’s right for your kiddo!

4.) Start discovering your passions as a teacher 

If you start early, you have several years to figure out your teaching style and priorities as a mom and family!

You can begin talking to your husband about the things you really want your kids to know, and you can hear what it is that’s important to your spouse. 

Talking to other families who homeschool is very helpful for getting ideas for where you want to head with homeschooling. 

A huge bonus of connecting with Homeschoolers now is that it’s a great way to build your homeschool community, which you will need in the years to come!

You have time to explore curriculum and start learning the lingo that’s part of the homeschool world. 

And in the process, you will likely discover what type of homeschool is a fit for you and your family!

5.) Take the plunge and start before the pressure’s on!

There’s a reality that academic expectations grow along with our children. 

The earlier you start the fewer expectations you have on yourself and the less pressure you will feel from the vigilant (er…lovingly concerned) friends and family. 

If you start “prehomeschooling” your child at age 2, you have at least two whole years to learn about homeschooling yourself before you have to explain (and sometimes defend) your educational choice for your children!

“What if I decide to send my child to school?” 

No harm no foul!

If that’s the choice you make, you will have adequately prepared your child for the classroom environment and learning material! 

However, I think that “Prehomeschooling” can give you the confidence and tools you need to begin your long and successful homeschool journey as a family!