Homeschooling in the Early Years


I began homeschooling like this…

I was about 2 months pregnant with a one year old in tow, and the realization hit me that I could be doing more with my son than spooning mashed potatoes in his mouth and wiping his bum. I could begin to teach and expose him to Bible stories and basic preschool concepts in various fun and interactive ways. And I discovered he actually began learning when I began teaching!

But my prehomeschool journey really starts further back than that though….

I was a homeschool kid myself. My parents taught me at home from preschool through my junior year of high school. While neither of my parents have degrees in education, they were both very gifted teachers. They gave me such a passion for teaching and learning that I went on to get a graduate degree so that I could teach college writing. I taught college writing for two years while I attended graduate school.

While working on a master’s degree in written communications with an emphases in teaching writing, I accepted several academic awards, was able to present my research at a national conference and received much praise and encouragement from the professors to continue my education and obtain a PhD in writing instruction. But as my graduation approached, so did the birth of my first born. And I started to ask myself, “what if…what if I took my passion and gift for teaching…what if I didn’t use it to further my own interests and career…what if I, instead, gave that all as a gift to this baby and to the babies that would come after him…”

I’m living that “what if now.” Upon my graduation and son’s birth, I stopped teaching within academia and began teaching at home where two other babies would join the first. I knew though that I never wanted to engage in this new teaching experience on my own; one of the things that I enjoyed the most about my collegiate teaching experience was collaborating with other writing instructors to create meaningful curriculum and encourage one another in our roles as teachers. Regardless of the instructor’s level of experience, she brought a unique and valuable perspective to the table as we worked together.

So I began this group as a way to connect with other homeschool families in the area. God has had his own plans that went beyond my initial idea of having a few moms over for a play date! I continue to pray that this group would offer families with young children the support, encouragement, and community connections needed to pursue educating their little ones at home.

IMG_7052I live with my husband and children in East Lansing, Michigan. My husband works as an attorney for the State of Michigan, and, while we’re transplants to Michigan, our roots have grown deep in this beautiful state over the last 10 years. We love living here and becoming integrated into the great Mid-Michigan community.


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